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Welcome to Thomas Tire Center

Our business began 34 years ago, we treat our customers just like we would want to be treated. We pride ourselves on learning the needs and names of our customers. Doug and Jim are proud to call their customers by name when they come in the door. Our honesty and integrity sets us apart from our competition. We give honest opinions on whether a repair is needed or not. We base this on the simple principle of "what would I do if this vehicle was my own?" We're not just here to make a buck, we do this job because we care about our customers and their families. We will be there in your time of need whether it is a flat repair, a tow or if you need to registar your vehicle. We are currently renovating our showroom for our customers and our office space for our valued employees. Come in and say hi, see why customers come from miles around to do business with us.

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brake repair
Your brake system plays a crucial role in bringing your vehicle to a safe stop. Two major components of your braking system are the pads and rotors. When you push your brake pedal, the brake pedal pushes a plunger in your vehicles master cylinder, displacing the brake calipers. Your brake calipers surround the top portion of your brake rotors. Basically, the brake fluid causes the caliper to squeeze the brake pads to the rotor surface, which then slows and stops the wheel from turning.


Oil Changes
At Thomas Tire Center no appointment is Necessary for an Oil Change, Please visit our West Jordan, UT location anytime! Your engine's oil helps absorb heat from the engine and lubricates moving metal parts. Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do to promote maximum vehicle performance. As you drive, the oil pump circulates oil within your engine and the oil filter catches the deposits that build up. Call us Today at (801) 969-3555 or Click Here to Schedule a Service



Properly maintained heating and air conditioning systems will keep you comfortable all the way to your destination. When your air conditioning system breaks down your refrigerant leaks, Refrigerant is harmful to the environment and is harmful to your vehicle. Getting your air conditioner serviced at the first sign of trouble will save you money and time down the road. Let Thomas Tire Center inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt and all accessible components for cracks, leaks or damage